Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7 - Randalls

Disclaimer #1: This Randalls trip was WAY more pricey than I usually like to do, but $23 of my total was toilet paper. Toilet paper is one of those things that I cannot go totally cheapo on. My butt enjoys the softness of Charmin, so I splurge on it. I usually try to not buy it unless I can get it for less than $0.25/roll. Randalls currently has a P&G promo where if you spend $25 on P&G products, you get a coupon for $10 off your next Randalls store purchase. So basically, I ended up getting the toilet paper for $23 for 2 24-roll double rolls, which I say is actually $13 (because of $10 coupon) for 96 regular rolls = $0.14/roll. This is an amazing price for Charmin! So, I had to get it.

Disclaimer #2: Guys may want to look away! Ok, no woman can even try to lie and say that at some point each month you want fast food. Yay for you if you have stronger will power than me, but there comes a point each month that I want fast food, and I need it badly! So, I buy foods from the store that resemble what I'd get at a fast food restaurant, and then I can get my fix for way less. Ok, this is me justifying my purchase of 2 fried chicken products in one day. Just wanted to explain that I am not becoming a total frugal fatso, but everyone has their weakness. Judging by my receipt, mine are fried chicken and toilet paper. Hey, they go together I guess.

Ok, onto the good stuff. This was kind of a bummer of a week for me for Randalls because they didn't pay me to take much stuff of their shelves. (I'm starting to sound like a total saving snob). Oh well, at any rate, after laying everything out at home to take a picture, I realize that I actually did a decent job. Here's my breakdown:

Betty Crocker cookie mix (I have SO much of this, but keep getting paid to take it!) - $1.25
-$0.40/1 SC -$0.40/1 SC -$0.40/1 CF -$0.40/1 insert = $-0.75

2 Betty Crocker cake mix - $0.89 each
-$0.75/1 printable = $0.14 each

Betty Crocker frosting - $1.39
-$0.50/1 CF -$0.50/1 insert = $-0.11

2 Progresso soup - $1 each (I normally won't pay for soup, but my husband found a kind he really likes, so I figured I'd get it since I haven't seen any loadable coupons lately)
-$0.75/2 Randalls coupon -$0.50/2 insert = $0.25 for 2

Honey Maid Graham Crackers - $2.50
-$1/1 Randalls coupon -$1/1 Nabisco cracker insert = $0.50

4 Nabisco 100 calorie packs - 3/$5 with in-ad coupon
-$1/2 (used 2 of these), manufacturer coupons found in Deliciously Aware coupon booklet by Randalls pharmacy = $1.25 each

4 Cherry coke - $0.99 each
-$1/1 recyclebank coupons (used 4) - read about the program here - 4 FREE

2 Campbells Select Harvest soup - $1 each
-$1/1 printable = 2 FREE

2 Charmin toilet paper 24double roll - $12.99 each
-$1/1 P&G loadable -$1/1 manufacturer coupon (I had 2 of these and have no idea where they came from) = $22.98 for 2

2 Pillsbury Valentine cookies - (on clearance 50% off 3) - $1.50 each
-$1/2 Randalls coupon -$0.75/2 CF -$0.75/2 SC -$1/2 printable =$-0.50
seriously what am I going to do with MORE cookies?, but I got paid to take them so you know I had to!!!)

2 Kraft singles - $1.49 each with in-ad coupon (regularly $4.49 each - ouch!)
-$1/2 insert (says for Kraft cheese, shows cheese blocks in picture) = $0.99 each

Milk - $2.38
-FREE milk with $100 grocery purchase coupon (no longer available and expires tomorrow) - FREE

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt - $1.50 (the peach variety was on sale $1.50 instead of $2 because of overstock**)
-$1/1 CF -$1/1 SC -$0.50/1 insert = $-1.50

El Monterrey Burritos - $3.00
-$5 off any El Monterrey coupon (I got this in the mail and can't remember where I signed up for it. I want to say maybe it was one that I got for becoming a fan on facebook?) = $-2.00

DiGiorno 100 Calorie Pizza - $3.00
-FREE coupon for being a member of kraft first taste - learn more here - FREE

O Organic Cottage Cheese - (clearance 50% off 2.98) - for some reason she charged me for 2: $2.98
(got this to make some crescent lasagna I read about to use up some of our crescent rolls)

Pot Roast - $1.77/lb
-$2 off $10 Rancher's Reserve Beef purchase here = $8.21 for a 5 1/2 lb roast - this will give us probably 4 meals!

Green seedless grapes - $0.99/lb = $2.13

Zucchini - $0.99/lb = $1.33 (not sure we will eat all this, might make some into baby food)

Red potatoes (for the roast) - $0.99/lb =$1.74

Brocolli crowns - $1.99/lb (seems high, but I really wanted brocolli) -$1.91

Signature Cafe Chicken Fingers - $6.49/lb
(ok, so I told the lady I wanted 1 POUND, I figured, hey, 6.49/lb, use my $2 off coupon, get 1 lb chicken fingers for $4.49 - nice!, um, yea the lady gave me like 1 1/2 lbs! GRRR, totally threw off my money saving!)
-$2/1 coupon from here = $6.83

-$2 catalina coupon from previous pillsbury purchases


saved: $108.93 or 69%

considering that $23 of my total was toilet paper, that means I actually got all my other groceries for $29
and I earned a coupon for $10 off my next Randalls visit!

**Always keep an eye out at Randalls for overstock sales. Certain items will be on a special markdown when they just have too many on their shelves!

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  1. Ok, I obviously need to read up on how to change the formatting here. I don't like how spacey it is. Anyways, wanted to point out to those of you that might be thinking that I just bought a lot of snacky stuff this trip:
    total bill =$51
    toilet paper -$23
    roast (which will give us probably 4 meals easily if I freeze 1/2 and we do a day to eat and leftover day) -$8

    so my price for healthier snacks (100 cal packs) and produce and other stuff comes out to $20

    (can you tell I am having a really hard time with spending so much this week - I'm trying to justify it all to myself, but am still kicking myself for spending so much!)