Sunday, March 21, 2010

Want some cheap Disney movies??

If so, head to ToysRUs tomorrow (I believe that will be your last chance!). Right now, when you reserve a copy of Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (have to reserve both for this deal I'm talking about - and you will have to pay $10 - $5 per DVD/Blu-Ray) you will get $15 off the disney movie of your choice priced $19.99 or more. Well, there is also some strange disney promo going on where the register takes off an additional $5! So, I guess you technically could get a $19.99 movie for free - personally, we opted for a blu-ray for $29.99, so in the end it cost us $9.99 - still an awesome price for a blu-ray in my opinion. So basically, if you go and reserve your copy, you will have to put $10 down, but save $20 off the price of a different Disney movie!!!

Ok, then on Tuesday, when you go to pick up your Toy Story movies, you will have already paid $5 towards the price of each, and they are having them at a special price of $16.99 each when you buy both together. It gets better - Hip2Save has explained HERE how to get 2 $10 off coupons to use. Ok, so the math will look like this:

Toy Story = $16.99 -$5 you already paid - $10 coupon = $1.99
Toy Story 2 = $16.99 - $5 you already paid - $10 coupon = $1.99

So IF you buy a blu-ray from ToysRUs like I did, you will pay $20 upfront + $3.98 (toy story movies) = approximately $8 per blu ray!!!

If you find a blu-ray for $24.99 you will get a better deal, but for me I wanted to get a blu-ray that we would actually watch, rather than one I would still have to pay $5 for that we wouldn't. Anyways, if you want this deal - better head out fast because the Toy Story movies come out Tuesday!

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