Friday, March 19, 2010

Kroger - March 17-23

I haven't been shopping at Kroger lately, but this week they had some good deals that I didn't want to pass up. These deals are good until next Tuesday (the 23rd), but I've heard some possibility that some of the sales may go on for an additional week - but if you want to snag some of these deals, your best bet is to make it there sometime before next Tuesday.

Quick note: For the Buy 8 Save $4 deals - you can mix and match - you don't have to buy 8 of the same item to get the $4 off!

Some freebies:

Snickers - $0.50 (part of buy 8 save $4 deal) - $0.50/2 coupon from paper (doubled = $1) = 2 FREE

Ronzoni pasta - $0.75 (wyb 8) - $0.75/1 printables here and here (can print 2 at each site!) = 4 FREE (more if you have access to more than 1 computer)!

Scotch Brite sponges - $0.50 (wyb 8) - $1/2 printable here = 2 FREE! (this is a pdf file so you can print it MANY times!)

Some other deals:

Garden of Eatin chips - 2/$4 - $1/1 printable here = $1 each!

Bananas - $0.39/lb

Ok, 2 more things then I'm done:

1. Pantene Nature Fusion shampoos & conditioners are on sale for $2.97 at Kroger - IF you are a member of Vocal Point, you probably signed up for the FULL size sample of Pantene shampoo that came this week - along with it was 3 coupons for $2 off 1 pantene Nature Fusion shampoo/conditioner - that means $0.97 for Pantene shampoos and conditioners which is a GREAT price for Pantene. If you are not yet a member of vocalpoint, sign up here. You get to try so many new products for free!!!

2. Tide with Febreze Sport - OMG! That is pretty much all I can say. My husband works out everyday at lunch and so he accumulates stinky clothes pretty fast. Well, I don't really want to do small loads of laundry EVERY day just to wash those clothes, but while I was pregnant my sensitivity to smells drove his workout clothes to stay in the garage until laundry day - horrible huh? Well, a few weeks ago I got a sample of Tide w/ Febreze Sport in the mail - and it was AMAZING! So, when I saw it on sale today at Kroger for $5.88 - I pulled out my $1 off coupon from the paper and will gladly pay the $5 for it! Usually, I do NOT like to pay that much for laundry detergent, but my nose says this is well worth it!!!

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