Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CVS = good deals on diapers!

Ok, so it looks like CVS is the place to be the next 2 weeks for their awesome diaper deals! This week, here is what you want to do to get good deals on Pampers!

You will need to do 3 transactions - I did 2 yesterday and plan on going back for the 3rd sometime this week (and maybe even a 4th while I'm there - I'll explain...)

Transaction #1: buy jumbo pack of pampers - $8.97 - $2 pampers coupon (from paper) = $6.97 (and you will get back $3 ECBs = Extra Care Bucks)

Transaction #2: jumbo pack of pampers - $8.97 - $2 pampers coupon - $3 ECBS (that you got from transaction 1 - they print on the bottom of your receipt!) = $3.97 (and you will get another $3 ECB)

Transaction #3: same as transaction 2 - you may or may not get another $3 ECB - the limit in the paper says 2, but some people are reporting that they are able to do it a 3rd time and it works - you'll just have to see, but either way, you will pay $3.97 for this transaction

ok so totals from all 3 transactions = $14.91 or $4.97 per pack of pampers, which comes out to $0.16 per diaper. That is a great price for Pampers!

If you want, you can go ahead and get some toothpaste with a 4th transaction to get yourself ready for next week:

Colgate total toothpaste = $3.99 - $1 colgate coupon (from paper) = $2.99 (IF you got $3 ECB from transaction 3 - use them and you will pay nothing! If not, you are still basically getting the toothpaste for free after you get a $3.99 ECB for this transaction!)

ok, now you are set for next week:

Next week CVS will have Huggies on sale 2/$17.98 (this is $8.99 which seems to be a normal price for grocery stores) BUT you will get $5 ECB when you buy 2!

So here's what you'll do:

buy 2 jumbo packs huggies = $17.98 - 3.99 ECB (from toothpaste) - $6 (use 2 of the $3 printables - can find them on facebook, coupons.com or the huggies website!) = $7.99 or $4 per pack = $0.13 per diaper AND you will have a $5 ECB to use towards your next purchase!!!

*If you are really in need of diapers, you could do another transaction with the huggies, but you won't get another $5 ECBS - but here's the math in case you are curious:

2 jumbo packs = $17.98 - $5 ECB (from previous transaction) - $6 (2 $3 printables) = $6.98 or $3.49 per pack = $0.11 per diaper!

By the way, I was definitely planning on heading to Walgreens this week to take advantage of their register reward deal on Huggies (buy 3 @ $8.99 - get $3 Register Rewards) - but after seeing the deals at CVS, I'm definitely going to just buy my diapers from them instead!

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