Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 8 - Walgreens

Ok, so today I guess I just felt in the mood to do some aerobic shopping, so that's what I did. I went to 2 CVS stores, 3 Walgreens, ToysRUs, Target, Kroger, Randalls and Walmart all in less than 3 hours. I'm telling you - SERIOUS aerobic shopping! And lugging my coupon binder around definitely counts for lifting weights!

Anyways, one of the places I went today was Walgreens to take advantage of the money maker Excedrin deal (read about that here). I went to 3 different Walgreens to take advantage of this deal (asking the cashier to do 3 separate transactions would contradict my whole aerobic shopping bit - and I just never know what they are going to say to that and don't want to risk messing up the deals), but unfortunately the last store was sold out, so I'll try to hit up one more store sometime before this deal ends on Sunday. Anyways, IF you signed up for the free bottle of Excedrin like I talked about previously on my blog, you probably got your coupon in the mail sometime this week. This makes the deal even better because you don't have to pay the $0.50 out of pocket and it will still give you the $2 Register Rewards! But, if you don't, print your $2 off coupons and just remember - if you buy 2 things of Excedrin in 1 transaction - it will still only print ONE of the $2 Register Rewards. So to really make the most out of this deal, you need to ring them all up separately. The main reason I took advantage of this deal was for the Register Rewards because I need them to help sweeten up a deal next week for Huggies diapers! (Will post about that soon!)

Overall, I spent $0.50 for 2 bottles of Excedrin and got $4 in Register Rewards!!!

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