Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Freebies!

Ok, so I've decided to go ahead and list the freebies that I plan on taking advantage of in the near future. This will help serve as a reference for me and give y'all the details if anyone wants to take advantage of these freebies too.

1. FREE Johnson's travel-size baby shampoo. I posted about that here. I highly suggest picking some of these up even if you don't have any babies around. Think free baby shower gifts!!!

2. FREE Johnson's buddies soap. I posted about that here.

3. Cheap/FREE Beech-Nut Mini Meals. A while back in the paper there was a coupon for $1 off any Beech-Nut Let's Grow Meals. These are priced around $0.99 at Walmart - so you can get them FREE! If you don't have the coupon (or even if you do and just want more free food like myself) - you can print one here. (Sorry, couldn't make it directly link). The coupon will print for $0.50 off 1, but I noticed these at my Kroger the other day for $1.03 each - so after they double the coupon they will be $0.03 each!!! I've never tried these or even heard anything about them, but if it says Baby and it's free - I pretty much grab it these days!

4. FREE Sara Lee Pie?? - I've read about this one, but have not looked at my Walmart to check it out. Walmart's prices are really wishy-washy too, so I wouldn't go out in search for just this deal, maybe just take a peak if you are already there. Rumor has it that the Sara Lee pies are on a roll-back price at Walmart for $1 each. If you print the coupon here, you can get them for free. I'm really glad we invested in a big freezer in the garage because if I can find these, I'll grab one or 2 to throw in the freezer because my in-laws love pie and they are coming to visit in May.

5. FREE YoBaby Yogurt- I had never even heard of these before, but again BABY + FREE = I'm all over it. You can go here to print off a coupon for $1 off any one YoBaby Organic Whole Milk Yogurt. Rumor has it (again, who is 100% sure with Walmart), but I've heard that they have these for $1, so you could get these for free! I was able to print 4 coupons on just one computer. Has anyone ever tried freezing this? The ones I printed expire March 1st, so hopefully I can freeze them since I think my little guy is still a ways away from eating yogurt.

6. FREE travel-size Right Guard deodorant - After getting my 8 FREE deodorants at Randalls, I'm sure you are wondering why I would take advantage of this, but these would be perfect for my husband to keep in his workout bag. And hey, deodorant doesn't go bad, so stock up if you can! Go here to print off a coupon for $2 off 2. These should be around $1 at Target/Walmart so you can get 4 for free! (Should be able to print 2 per computer).

7. Money-Maker Excedrin. Starting Sunday, Walgreens will have Excedrin Menstrual Complete (20-24ct) on sale for $2.50. Plus, if you buy 1, you will get $2 Register Rewards! Print off the coupon from here ($2 off any Excedrin) and you will turn this into a $1.50 money maker! Best part is that anyone can take advantage of this because I've read that the Excedrin Menstrual is basically the same as regular Excedrin, just in a pretty pink box!

8. FREE Hunts tomato sauce! Ok this is what I am absolutely most excited about! If you go on over here you can play a recession game and at the end you have a choice to print a coupon - click on the Hunt's lady, and you will get a coupon for $1 off 3. (The game is basically you playing with the mouse to hit some money guy in the head - weird, but takes like a minute). I was able to print this 3 times per computer - print 1 time before registering, then you will have to register to print it some more. (By the way, you can get coupons for other products, but the Hunt's is the best right now for this deal!). Here's where it gets good. If you have a Food Town near you (go here to check locations) they currently have the small cans of Hunt's tomato sauce on sale 3 for $1. With your handy dandy coupons that equals FREE tomato sauce! Now, if you aren't able to make it to a Food Town, hopefully you are near a Walgreens and you can still get a pretty awesome deal. Starting Sunday, Walgreens will have the small cans of Hunt's tomato sauce on sale for $0.39 each with the in-ad coupon. That means with your coupon you can get them for $0.06 each!!! Unfortunately Walgreens has a limit of 3 per visit - so you'll have to make frequent trips or something to really stock up. I am super pumped about this because I have recently discovered how to make the False Alarm brand chili without buying their box of spices. I've been needing more sauce and so I'm hoping that with my 6 coupons I'll be able to go to Food Town to get 18 FREE cans!!!


  1. Our kids LOVE yo-baby. But, they are really in $3.00 a package of 6. We've been buying them for about 4 years now and if I ever saw a pack for $1, I'd eat my shoe. Seriously--I'd do it. So, let me know. This one makes me curious!!!! p.s. do all my responses make you feel warm and fuzzy that I'm a loyal blog follower??

  2. It really does make me feel all warm and fuzzy that I have such a loyal reader! I'm planning on making it out to Walmart this week sometime so I'll let you know if I see the YoBaby stuff that I heard about. Do you know if you can freeze that?
    By the way, as I'm sure you can tell, I'm on this whole freezing kick.