Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 7 - Walmart

I ran into Walmart really quick to see if they had some tortilla-crusted fish my mom wanted (which unfortunately they didn't), and to check on a deal I heard where supposedly the Pictureka Flipper Game is ringing up for $7 - if you use the $5 off coupon from here you can get the game for $2. Well, unfortunately, my Walmart didn't have that either - it was still ringing up for $15, so I passed on that.

Recently, I measured out the ingredients that come in the spice packets for the False Alarm chili mix. After looking at my spice cabinet, I realized that I didn't have everything that I needed, and since my McCormick's coupons expired, I figured Walmart would be the best bet for cheap spices.

Here's what I got:

Great Value Chili Powder - $1.68
Great Value Paprika - $1.48
Great Value Minced Onion - $2.24
McCormicks Minced Garlic - $3.42
McCormicks Ground Oregano - $2.92


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