Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walmart Valentine Clearance

While I was at Walmart today, I noticed as I was waiting in line, that the lady in front of me had Valentine's items in her cart. So, I decided to go check out what clearance items they had and went ahead and got a few things for next year. Now that we have a little one around, I think it's fun to play up the holidays, but my frugaliciousness won't allow me to pay full price, so I'll just buy stuff on clearance this year so we'll have it around in the years ahead. Everything was 50% off, but of course just now as I was checking my deals, I read that starting tomorrow they will have their clearance stuff for 75% off. Ugh! Oh well, anyways here's my loot:

2 Valentine buckets with lids: $0.75 ea. *

Valentine cups (5pk) - $0.75

Fancy Hearts (haha, that's what my receipt says) - $2.50 - didn't realize how much these were, probably wouldn't have gotten them

Glitter Hearts - $2.50 - same thing!

3 Red Buckets - $0.75 ea.

Valentine Banner - $1.25

Dizzy Danglers - $1.00

2 Valentine Boxes (each has 2 take-out style boxes) - $0.75 ea.


*I plan on filling the Valentine buckets with NON-valentine candy next year - maybe Chrstmas clearance candy? Hey it's still in a cute container so it counts :-). I've also heard of people getting Christmas M&Ms and picking out the red ones to give for Valentine's day. Maybe if I got them free....

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