Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Print this Quick!!!

Want to get milk, bread or produce for free? Well, make sure you load up your card with the coupons from cellfire and shortcuts and then print out this coupon! If you go here you can print out a coupon for $0.95 off 1 Pillsbury sweet rolls. You should be able to print this coupon twice if you click the back button. Even if you are totally new to couponing - you can load a $0.40/2 coupon from cellfire, and a $0.40/2 coupon from shortcuts - print this coupon out twice and you get $2.70 off of 2 packages of sweet rolls. The small packages are $1.49 each, so if you buy right now, you can get them for $0.14 each - but honestly, the best idea would be to go ahead and print and load your coupons, and then wait til after next Tuesday. Cellfire will reload on Tuesday, and I'm pretty sure that we can count on another $0.40/2 coupon - then you will get paid $0.12 to take them off the shelves at a Safeway store. Nice huh? Of course this won't cover the cost of milk, bread or produce, but combine this with other similar deals where you make money, and you'll start getting your other items for free too!
p.s. - this is a REALLY good, high-value coupon - and you can only print 2 per computer - so I would definitely see if you can get some friends/family to print some out for you to hang on to. They don't expire til April, so you will have plenty of time to use them!

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