Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It looks like shortcuts has added some new coupons today. If you want to start accumulating some coupons on your shoppers card to score some big time savings (especially at any Randalls/Safeway stores), head on over here now to load the coupons on your card! I already see MANY duplicates between shortcuts and cellfire. Remember, the best way to save at Safeway stores is to get at least 2 cellfire loadables & at least 1 shortcuts loadable - combine with a paper coupon and you will save big!


2 coupons from cellfire for $0.50/1 Chex Mix

1 coupon from shortcuts for $0.50/1 Chex Mix

1 coupon from paper for $0.50/1 Chex Mix (if your store doubles, it will take off $1)

= $2.50 off 1 package of Chex Mix! - I've noticed recent prices at my store is $2.55 for a bag of Chex Mix - so $0.05 is what you would pay!

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