Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Freeze Eggs???

Ok, if there is in fact anyone that reads this, I'm sending a question out there. Has anyone out there actually tried freezing eggs? I read this on the allyou.com website (which by the way, All You is a magazine I LOVE!!! - filled with coupons and frugalicious ideas).

Freezing Eggs
Whisk together whites and yolks until just combined. Measure into an ice-cube tray, using 3 Tbsp. of the mixture per segment (3 Tbsp. is equivalent to 1 large egg). Freeze until solid, then transfer cubes to a freezer bag for up to 6 months. Thaw in the refrigerator.

Sounds kind of strange to me, but I kind of like the idea. Maybe next time Randalls has another one of their awesome egg deals ($0.99 for 18-pack) - I might have to stock up and try this out. Thoughts???


  1. i do read..and i have frozen...it works!!!! of course, I overpay for them with my non-couponing self!! i read your blog and then wallow in my inability to do it...yet! once my house is in better shape and we get rid of the scorpions (yes-it's true), then I'm totally get in on this action.

  2. one more thing..a little disappointed that you didn't title that post, "egg-cellent idea"

  3. True, I guess I officially fail at the world of creative blogging titles. Um, and scorpions?? I think I change my mind on us having a Roth get-together at your house.
    Ok, and how do you freeze the eggs? In ice-cube trays then move them to a freezer bag like baby food? Or do you try to save them in smaller bags? I'm very interested in trying this. I've been told that I need to invest in a food saver with all the freezing I am wanting to do.

  4. Yes--we do them in ice cubes trays and then put them in freezer bags. Don't worry about the scorpion thing...apparently the central texas ones aren't that bad. but, we are having scorpion specialists coming out anyway. that is possibly the most freaked out I've ever been in my own home. i had a dream last night that they started pouring out of the fireplace and all the electrical sockets.

    so--i don't know what a food saver is? would it help with the baby food storage, because even in freezer bags, we do have freezer burn issues. it doesn't really matter, i guess.

    another question--what do you do for fresh and frozen produce. do they have coupons for that or do you just suck it up for those things. i saw that you get green giant sometimes, but do you ever pay for more variety? i don't think i can ever be like you (mostly because we only have an HEB here and it isn't practical to make weekly trips into Austin), but i do want to do it selectively.

    p.s. I'm sure this tip is insulting to your coupon saviness, but I did find that Amazon has the cheapest price on diapers if you sign up for monthly automatic shipping. You can cancel at any time and they knock off a pretty substantial amount, plus no shipping cost. It was a good deal for us, once I compared diapers.com, target, walmart & sams.

    ok--I won't clog your blog anymore. i should just e-mail you next time!

  5. As far as produce goes, I'm probably a really bad person when it comes to eating my fruits & veggies - pretty sure I fail at the whole food pyramid thing in general. But, I stocked up on canned green beans a while back, and I've been using coupons for green giant corn - so we have more of those 2 veggies than we know what to do with. As far as all other produce, I try to just eat canned fruits during the winter because it kills me to pay $3.99/lb for grapes - so I just won't do it. Now we are getting back into the season though so I'll start buying fruit wherever I see it on sale. I do try to buy items at Randalls that they pay me to take to help pay for fresh produce. Also, I'm thinking of either planting my own garden, or buying the plants for certain things I want to eat and having my dad do the gardening in his already established garden =). I'd love to find a farmer's market around somewhere because I heard you can get awesome deals there. But overall, I aim to get paid to take things from Randalls to pay for the produce, or I'll just try to get it wherever it is cheapest and suck it up basically. That's unfortunate that you only have an HEB because I have heard that as far as couponing goes, they really aren't the best place to save tons of money. I think the best bet for there, is to get their buy whatever get something free deals, (like right now they have a buy Kraft grated parmesan cheese, get free bag of meatballs), and then just use a coupon on the item you have to buy (like I have a $1 off coupon for the cheese). I'm thinking about making a trip there tomorrow to see what deals I can dig up because I need some more meatballs.

    Oh, and as far as the whole diaper thing goes, if you don't have a Randalls or Kroger nearby, probably Amazon would be the best bet. I don't buy diapers unless
    1. They are on sale for $8.99 or less. (For the small packages)
    2. I have a $2 off coupon on my card,
    3. and then I can usually get a $2 coupon for Huggies or $1.50 at least for pampers, so basically I try to pay around $0.15 per diaper is what it works out to. I currently have a $5 off Huggies coupon and a buy one get one free coupon, so I'm hoping to find a good deal for those! Walgreens usually has some good diaper deals too. I actually missed out on the deal last week where I could have gotten 2 packs of Huggies for $0.99 total, ugh! But yea, I've discovered that Huggies work just as well, so bascially I just buy whatever is cheap.

    Geez, now who's typing a lot?!?