Sunday, May 9, 2010

Google Reader

So after gaining some attention to my blog after my recent video contest win , I feel like I need to pony on up and get back into the blogging scene. I took a little break there to try and earn a little cash with my Every Party has a Pooper idea (which I'm thinking of branching out and making some Depends creations for retirement/over the hill parties - eh??). But, I'm back and here to share a quick tip. My friend, Jennifer introduced me to the world of Google Reader a while back and my world has never been the same since! If you haven't heard of google reader and are a money-saving-blog-reader like myself, then you have got to check this out! Go on over here to check it out. You can sign in with your google account if you have one, or you can sign up for a google account for free (perhaps to use when you sign up for coupons and newsletters!!). Then, you just add the blogs you want to follow and it puts them all in one nice neat area to browse through instead of going to each and every blog. I love this because I get on my iPod touch when I'm nursing my son, and I can just flip through really fast to see the different deals I want to pursue. Definitely makes the deal-hunting way easier. In fact, I'm really looking forward to the day that I have saved up enough swagbucks to get my iPhone so I can even check the deals when I'm out and about. Yea - don't laugh at me, you have to be on top of things to get the really good deals!
Ok, so while you are setting up your google reader, here's a list of some great websites to add to your reading list: - duh! - seriously gives SO much information on the different deals out there! - if you want to learn how to totally work the Randalls system! - another good one that covers everything from freebies to Target deals! - yet another good one for grocery deals and freebies!

Ok, so there's a few to get you started. Don't take on TOO many blogs to follow, or you will find yourself reading through TONS of repeats. Best to stick with a few really good ones and trust that they will give you all the info you need to know!


  1. hello, I am new to your blog I found it because of your hip to save video and I love it! I don't know if I am missing it or if you don't have it posted anywhere, but I always find it interesting to know a little about the blogger. Nothing too personal or scary to put on the internet just the state you live in and stuff! Thanks for posting everything I am going to be checking into the freezer cooking!

  2. Surprised not to see on the list. So organized!

  3. Hi Rachel,
    I just saw your youtube video and LOVED it! I found it thru Clippin With Carrie website! I started a money saving blog also, I'm Captain Coupon...LOL!
    Happy Savings,

  4. Great idea! I just found your blog b/c your coupon singing video was posted by a friend of mine on Facebook. Such a great video! Love it! I shared it and posted it on my mom blog I liked it so much. I have yet to save 98%, but I just started a coupon book a few weeks back and posted about it on my blog. Maybe someday I'll get there. lol

    Mom All Day

  5. Hi Anonymous,
    I actually do have southernsavers on my google reader, but I find that for brand new couponers, they can be a little confusing since they list ALL deals, instead of the best of the best. I do think they are great though and LOVE how detailed they are.