Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Week 9 - Randalls trip 2

Ok, so lately I have been going way over my budget for the groceries for the week, so you are probably thinking I shouldn't have a "frugal" blog, but honestly I have just been getting such amazing deals that even though I'm spending alot this week, in the next few weeks there should be a HUGE drop in my spending!

I have decided to try my hand at Once a Month cooking - so I needed some chicken breast and Randalls had them for $1.88/lb which seemed like a good price to me, so off I went. I ended up getting close to 17 lbs, so I shouldn't need to get more chicken for a while, but I'm probably not going to be able to pass up the 4lb bags of frozen chicken breast on sale at Randalls this week for $1.44/lb.
One other thing I wanted to mention, was this was another time I was SO glad I had my coupon binder with me. I found Jennie-O Italian sausage on price cut for $0.99 each!!! These were originally $5 each, and with my $1/2 coupons - I got each package for $0.50! Seriously keep your eyes peeled at Randalls for their price mark-downs.
Chicken Breast - $32.31 (close to 17lbs)
Jennie-O Italian Sausage - $0.99 ea. - $1/2 coupons (used 2) = $0.49 ea.
-$10 catalina (got from previous charmin/bounty PG promotion)
saved: $27.65 or 53%


  1. Once a month cooking! That's amazing!! Can you come cook at my house the other days?!?! ;)

  2. Haha! I was telling Lauren that one time when I do my once a month cooking (which will probably be more like once every other month cooking for me), we should get together to do it and split up the workload and it will take no time at all and we'll all have meals for a long time to take with us!