Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today only! - AMAZING Charmin toilet paper deal!

Ok, so now we seriously have more toilet paper than anyone needs. I'm pretty sure that I won't need to buy more til next year. Anyways, you can only snag this deal TODAY!

Charmin toilet paper - originally $15.99, but is on sale for $9.99 when you buy it with bounty paper towels

Bounty paper towels - originally 16.99, but is on sale for $9.99 when you buy it with charmin toilet paper

So here is what you do:
1. head over to pgesaver.com and load the coupons onto your Randalls card for $3 off any Charmin, and $3 off any Bounty

2. go to Randalls and buy 1 pkg Charmin toilet paper (the 24 big roll size=48 regular rolls) for $9.99 AND 1 pkg Bounty paper towels (the 12 big roll size = 16 regular rolls) for $9.99

3. If you have the coupons from the paper for $0.25 off Charmin, and $0.25 off Bounty - use those!

4. You will pay $12.48 (+tax), but you will get a catalina coupon for $10 off your next purchase at Randalls (you can use for ANYTHING!)

So really, it is as if you are paying $2.48 for 48 reg. rolls of toilet paper and 16 reg. rolls of paper towels which equals out to $0.04 per roll!!!!!!!!!

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