Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Money-making Vick's Cough Drops at HEB!

I realized on my freezer cooking day, that I accidentally made WAY too much filling for Chicken Pot Pies, and didn't have enough of the crusts (which I use the refrigerated pie crust, because to me, it's worth spending the money to not have all that extra work). Anyways, I needed to get some more, so I wanted to try out the Vick's cough drops deal I had read about. It worked like a charm!
The Vick's cough drops are regularly priced $0.99 at HEB. If you use the $1.50 off ANY Vick's product coupon (there's one that came out that expires at the end of March, and a new one from this week's paper that is good through April), you basically get paid $0.51 to take them! If you happen to still have any coupons for FREE puffs when you buy 2 Vick's products, you can get an even better deal!
I ended up getting 10 cough drops to help pay for my pie crusts and 5 free puffs! Remember, if you don't have enough of the coupons, you can always order some from thecouponclippers.
*Also, I have to give my husband huge props because he found the HEB Quench drinks with coupons to try them FREE attached. So we got totally free drinks! I guess my crazy couponing is wearing off on him =).

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  1. I'm a little late-- but, yes, keep your blog! It's so helpful!

    I've been collecting coupons for 2 weeks now and am embarking on my shopping adventure today. I think I still need to do some recon work though... I need to scope out Randall's regular prices to be able to know where to use the coupons!

    Thanks again for all your help!