Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15 - Randalls

So this week at Randalls has just been SO amazing! I had to go back after I got my coupon order in the mail. I got 10 coupons for the Quaker Oat squares, which = 10 FREE boxes! And I LOVE this cereal!

I was really excited about this trip and the best part was the cashier who said she had never seen anything like this before!

You can read here about all the deals I did (again, I copied her).

I ended up saving $90.08 and paid....


The cashier told me she has to read off to me how much I saved, so she said "You saved $90" - or 100% as my receipt says!

Oh yea, and I didn't even have to use my $11.50 in catalina coupons from last week, AND I earned $3.50 in NEW catalina coupons - that means $15 towards my next Randalls purchase. SOOO excited!


  1. I need a Randalls around here! That's awesome. My friend, Mindy, was giving me hard time for using my coupons yesterday. She wasn't laughing when I saved $67 at Kroger though! I even had a dream about saving money at the grocery store last night. I blame that on the pregnancy hormones :)

  2. Haha, yea I'm no longer embarassed to bring my big ol 3" coupon binder into stores with me because of how much money I end up saving. No one can tease you then! Just FYI - Kroger is going to have some AWESOME deals later this week when they come out with their new ad! I haven't been shopping there in a while, but will definitely head that way to get some good deals.
    Once I had a dream that I had printed out some coupons on the computer (I was only able to print like 2) - and Matt gave them to some other girl. I was devastated - he was unfaithful to me by way of coupons - ridiculous??? yes.