Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 Summary

Turns out that Week 4 has been the best savings week for me so far. I only spent $33.00 of my $75 allowance for the week. I'm starting to realize more than ever how much it pays off to stock up on items in advance. For the past few weeks, I sit down to make my grocery list and there are usually no more than 5 things I need to get at the store for our meals for the WHOLE week, the rest is me just snagging deals to be used later on.

So, another one of my latest obsessions is rebates. There are SO many rebates out there! For the strangest things too! Anyways, I've been filling out rebates like crazy (in the past I never really had much luck with getting rebates), but this week I received 3 back! I've been adding those to my camera savings because they are from items that I buy with my grocery allowance. Anyways, I got 2 different $10 rebates for buying 10 Nabisco products and 1 $5 rebate for buying 3 SC Johnson products. The way that I worked the deals on all 3 rebates - I actually got paid to take the items. I think I paid $5 for the crackers, so I made $5 on each of those rebates, and I can't remember the SC Johnson products. Anyways, it's a new obsession of mine to see how I can make money by buying products with rebates. You can laugh at me all you want (while I am depositing my $25 in rebates from this week!).

All in all, my current camera savings is $140.76 which is 23.5%. Not too shabby for 1 month eh?

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