Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 - Jan.28 Walgreens

So, I had $5.50 worth of RR (register rewards) to use at Walgreens that were going to expire. So I came up with a list of deals that I was going to snag - filled with items that were going to generate NEW RRs (they call this "rolling" the RRs). I get to Walgreens and I kid you not, EVERY LAST THING I was looking for my deals was sold out. So, it happens, and I don't bring my coupon binders with me because I try to REALLY stick to my list, but the bad thing about not having my binders was that I couldn't try to match up my coupons for other deals. Anyways, since I was there and didn't want $5.50 in RRs to go to waste, I decided to get some baby food. I've been needing to get some anyways to have on hand, so this worked out okay. Unfortunately, my brain was not doing so well with math that day, so I ended up paying more oop (out of pocket) than I had hoped, but oh well. Still got lots of baby food out of the whole deal.

bill - $8.00

spent - $2.50

saved - $5.50 or 69%

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