Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 - Jan.28 Randalls

So this was probably one of my better trips to Randalls. I ended up getting TONS of things that they sort of paid me to take, in order to help pay for items that I needed (like 2 gallons of milk). The way that you can get "paid" to take things from Randalls is by using your loadable coupons. At Randalls, for example, if you buy Lucky Charms and have a loadable for $0.55 off from cellfire and one loadable for $0.55 off from shortcuts - you only have to buy 1 BOX of Lucky Charms at Randalls, and they will take BOTH loadables off. Which means you will get $1.10 off - BUT it gets better! You can use a paper coupon (insert from the Sunday coupon section or printable coupon from the internet) and get more savings. So, if you have a paper coupon for $1.00 off - you would end up getting $2.10 off 1 BOX!!! I actually did this very deal. They had Lucky Charms on sale for $1.50 each, so I actually got paid $0.60 to take the cereal from Randalls. Now, we definitely have an overflow of cereal (our pantry is SO tiny!), but it's so much better to get paid to take things that we will eventually need, rather than buy it at full price later. (And yes, my husband was complaining about how much cereal we have, but somehow the box of Lucky Charms is already gone...).

bill - $49.57

spent - $1.33

saved - $48.24 or 97%
Also, a side note - we have SOOOOO many refrigerated pillsbury products (biscuits, crescent rolls, pizza dough), but I get paid to take it and it's nice to have with dinner sometimes. Also, I make homemade pizza rolls with the pizza dough (just throw in string cheese & pepperoni, roll up, bake and dip in pizza sauce) that are pretty tasty and WAY cheaper than ordering out pizza. I'm wondering if I can make them and freeze them. I'm not very good at telling what can be frozen and what should not. Anyone know??

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