Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 4 - Jan.25 Target

Ok, so I really only go to Target once maybe twice a month. I am a big fan of their store coupons and you can stack them with a manufacturer coupon, which is pretty much the only way I shop there. I don't remember the last thing I bought from Target that I didn't use 2 coupons for. Anyways, I mostly only venture out to Target or Walmart now to get the freebies or really cheap stuff. Last week they had a killer deal on Pampers that I couldn't pass up. See - once I get better about posting the deals as they come available, then maybe I can help others get the deals too, not just read about mine :-).

bill - $55.58

spent - $23.56 (and received a $5 gift card for buying the Pampers)

saved - $32.02 or 58%

When counting in the $5 gift card, the Pampers ended up being less than $4 per pack, which is AWESOME for Pampers. I was able to get the lightbulbs for free and should have gotten a really good price on the finish detergent, but the cashier apparently forgot to scan the coupon even though she took it - grr.

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  1. HA! Size 4 cruisers? Conner and Mac wear the same size!!!