Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok, so we all know that I am completely hooked on saving money any way I can. Well, I've recently gotten hooked on swagbucks. If you haven't heard of swagbucks, click here to learn all about it. I'm currently saving swagbucks towards an iPhone (I figure it will take me until my contract is up with Verizon before I save enough anyways), but I'm already 6% of the way there and I have only been doing this for a month. May not seem like much, but it's still fun to get rewarded for searching the internet, and there are tons of things that you can use your swagbucks for (giftcards, etc.) that doesn't cost near as many swagbucks as an iPhone. Anyways, check it out and you'll probably be hooked too!


  1. Cute blog.

    So this weekend I hit Target, Tom Thumb (randall's to you), CVS and Walgreens. Total bill for all 4 stores @400, actually paid 267. Stocked up on diapers for the next 3 months. Not as good a savings as you, Missy, but I'm feeding and clothing a family of 4 (9 if you count the two dogs and three fish), so quite a feat.

  2. Awesome! Did you have both kids with you too? That would probably be the most impressive thing of all if you could go all those places with them - Conner can barely make it through 2 stores before he gets sick of shopping. I have a friend that says she uses the Baby Bjorn to carry her baby around in the store, maybe I should try that until he can totally sit up in the cart by himself - or I can try what you said about using the seatbelt thing to prop him up =).

  3. Hey! I'm so impressed with your saving and blogging skills. But check this out..yesterday I went with all three kids to HEB and it was raining. And I forgot to bring a snack for the girls so I had to open up a bag of goldfish and feed it to them. And Emma punched her finger through a tomato...and then Grace Ann cried because I couldn't find the quarters for the gumballs that I promised them if they were good and then I had never been to this store before and couldn't find anything, so I almost started crying until a man kindly showed me where raisins were. And then a bird flew in through the main doors and totally freaked Emma out and she was clinging to my leg and then I checked out and got $97.63 of groceries for EXACTLY THAT!!!! I don't think I'm doing very well in life these days....