Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coupon Insert Preview for 2/21

Click here if you want to see a preview of the coupons that will be coming in the Sunday paper this week. I usually try to glance through the list to see whether I feel it is worth it or not for me to buy some extra papers. I usually try to keep an eye on the high-value coupons ($1 or more) or the coupons that can be doubled/tripled (less than $0.50). I'm noticing more and more coupons for $0.55 off a product, which I consider to be a pretty stinky coupon because it barely squeeks by being able to be doubled. Anyways, some of the ones that popped out at me are:

$0.40/1 Gorton's item
$3/2 Infant's tylenol (although I've found $2 off 1 coupons at the pediatrician's office - next time I go I am going to grab a few with the teething that is currently going on around here)
$2/1 Pamper's Cruisers

*Currently, P&G is having a rebate deal going on where if you buy $50 worth of products (before coupons) and mail in your receipt, you will get a $100 coupon booklet in the mail. Go here to read more about it and to get the rebate form. (For what it's worth, I've decided that I am not going to go out of my way to buy products just to get this rebate, but currently Safeway has a promo deal where if you buy $25 worth of P&G products, you get a $10 coupon for your next shopping trip, so probably between that and the razor deal from Target this week, I'll probably end up getting the $50 for the coupon booklet - I'm just not going to go out of my way for it because when I looked at the coupons in the booklet, I just didn't feel that they were that great. Just my two cents.)

Thanks, SouthernSavers!

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