Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week 6 - Toys R Us

Ok, so since I didn't have to pay for anything food related, I am not counting this trip towards my grocery bill, but I wanted to post this since I referred to the deal earlier in the week. My dad loves the Terra chips, and since I had 4 coupons (from the newspaper), and printed 2 off the computer, I decided to head out and get him 6 free bags. Since I wasn't sure of the Toys R Us policy with coupons (wasn't sure if they would let me walk out with 6 free bags of chips and pay absolutely nothing), I went ahead and got my baby a small toy. He's teething right now, so I figured another chew toy couldn't hurt =).


2 A La Mexicana Terra Chips - $3.99 each - on sale for $1 each

-$1 printable coupons = FREE

4 Mediterranean Terra Chips - $3.99 each - on sale for $1 each

-$1 insert coupons = FREE

Keys teething toy - $1.99

= $1.97 (not sure how that math works out)

Anyways, the Terra chips deal is still good through tomorrow if you want to get some free chips!

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