Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Week 5 - Feb.2 Walgreens

Well, had $11 in RR that were going to expire so off to Walgreens I went. Now, the "coupon pros" would probably have spent the time to find deals that would cause the RRs to roll (meaning they would use the $11 in RR I have to buy items that would generate new RRs), but I just couldn't find any deals worth seeking out. So, I have been needing some more infant tylenol & vitamin D drops (Poly-vi-sol) for my baby, so I decided to use the RR for that.

Here's the breakdown:

Poly-vi-sol: $10.49 - $3 catalina coupon (printed last time I bought poly-vi-sol) = $7.49

Infant Tylenol: $6.29 - $1 insert coupon = $5.29

Baby Sweet Potatoes: $1.69 (should have been $1 - just realized this)

Baby Prunes & Apples: $1.69

-$11 RR

=$5.16 oop

savings: $15.00 or 74%

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