Thursday, February 11, 2010

Facebook Freebies!

Ok, so pretty much anyone who is anyone is on facebook these days. To prove my point, one of my kindergarteners from 2 years ago sent me a friend request last night. CRAZY! Anyways, my point is, it is AMAZING how many businesses and companies have pages on facebook now. Along with that comes coupons and freebies! Just a few weeks ago, I became a fan of Oreos on facebook (though I must say that anything marked with wording that even remotely resembles Oreo I will tackle!), but anyways, they had a contest for the Mannings vs. Trumps (not exactly sure what all was behind this), but anyways, the Mannings won (again, not sure what they were even competing in, something with oreos I guess?), but that doesn't matter. What matters is that just by becoming a fan I won a coupon for a free package of oreos. Now, I was sad when I got the coupon, because I realized that it wasn't for regular oreos, but for some Golden Double Stuf Oreos. I went ahead and got them because they were free, and figured what the heck, and OMG! Seriously, these things are AMAZING!!! I will always love regular oreos the most, but these things are so delicious! Anyways, the point behind all of this, besides making you maybe want to go get some golden double stuf oreos now? (By the way, I just learned that it's spelled Stuf, not stuff) but my point is to sign up to become fans of things on facebook because you can win some amazing prizes!

Honestly, I probably would say to sign up for things wherever you can - just during the Super Bowl I won my husband a free pair of dockers! Woohoo!!!

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