Friday, February 12, 2010


Are you a big time online shopper? I would say that I sort of am. I did A LOT of Christmas shopping online this year, and when I did, I went through one of 2 websites first to earn cash back. When I first heard about this, I kicked myself for all the online purchases I made before and didn't do this! I always use one of 2 websites before doing any online shopping to earn cash back - first I'm going to tell you about Ebates. What you do is so simple. You go to the Ebates website and type in whatever online shopping site you are looking for (ex: Best Buy). It will then tell you how much cash back you will get by going through Ebates first (it's normally a percentage, so maybe only 4%, which sounds like nothing, but it does add up over time). Then, it will redirect you to the Best Buy website and you do your shopping like normal. In a few days you will see the money deposited into your Ebates account. Easy! You don't have to give Ebates your credit card info or anything. All they will need is an address for where they mail your big fat check! If you are interested, you can go here to sign up. (Plus if you go through my referrel link there, I get $5 for each person that signs up, which makes me happy!) Hope you enjoy!!!

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